Monday, February 2, 2009

Universal Studios Gave Away 300,000 Tickets During Super Bowl

Wow, everyone in Orlando is buzzing about Universal Studios giving away 300,000 7 day passes to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Wow it is quite a promotion, but just like Disney's - What will You Celebrate promotion it's profitability is based on the fact that you rarely come alone to a theme park.

Unless it is part of your job, like mine.

Looking at the promotion today, I can only hope that the redemption rate is high. I say this because Orlando like many areas is struggling and it will be disappointing to know that some people who signed up yesterday will never show up to use the prize.

I thought about entering my name in the contest and held back on the submit button. To me it is more important that someone come and visit Orlando then me getting a freebie.

Anyways, I hope that most of the 300,000 winners come and visit Central Florida and I hope that most of the winners lived more than 5 hours away. This way they will stay a few days.

Best Orlando Vacation Guy

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