Friday, February 6, 2009

SeaWorld Orlando Manta Roller Coaster Opening Moved Up!

The opening of the new Manta roller coaster at SeaWorld is may 22nd.
Yes, May 22nd! It was announced this morning.

For years, every project seemed to be delayed but now it looks like SeaWorld will complete their new gliding and nature inspired coaster just in time for the busy tourist season. But the opening of the new Manta roller coaster has been moved up from July - August completion date to May 2009!

This will give Universal Studios and it's new coaster a run for it's money during the summer season.

Since I live in Orlando this is sure to be a win - win for roller coaster fans visiting Central Florida.
Based on what I am hearing a soft opening could occur by mid May, this means that it may be open for a ride and then closed for hours. If they do a soft opening the schedule will be very unpredictable.

Here is the latest video on Manta from SeaWorld Orlando.

For those who had booked vacations in June or July not expecting to enjoy this thrill ride, well consider this a sweet bonus.

We expect the experience to be original and exciting.

Orlando Vacation Guy