Friday, February 13, 2009

Universal Studios 2 Park Pass for $99.99 for Florida Residents - The Review

Universal Studios is prmotiing their 2 Park Pass for $99.99 for Florida Residents, but in these tough times is this a good deal?

First what does this Universal Studios 2-Park Pass for $99.99 include:
For Florida residents what is great about this 2-Park Pass
1. Enjoy All Mardi Gras Concerts
2. You get to enjoy Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure now through December 19th. But there are Black Out Dates.
3. You won't need to pay again to go ride the New - Roller Coaster - Rip, Ride, Rocket
4. Basically come and go as you please spend 2 hours or all day!

What is not so good about this 2-Park Pass
1. You have to pay parking each time you go.
2. Blackout dates include April 5 - 12 and June 28 - July 31st (42 days)
3. It does not include Halloween Horror Nights

Note: It says to get discount you need the UPC Code from any Coca Cola Product.

The Final Value Tally

If you enjoy Mardi Gras and Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This is an exceptional deal, as long as you go to the parks.

Seriously, if you live in Orlando do you want to go to the parks in July. I didn't think so. Plus this pass pays for itself if you just want to go to 3 of the Mardi Gras events.

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