Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Idol Experience in Soft Opening, Official Opening February 14th

Fans of American Idol get ready for a new experience and your opportunity to audition for the real American Idol tv show!

The American Idol Experience currently is in soft opening at Disney's Hollywood Studios and is preparing for it's official launch February 14th. For aspiring singing this may just be your ticket to audition for the show in person!

Right now the show is running daily but the schedule is unpredictable as they are working out the kinks so that when they launch on the 14th it will be smooth sailing.

So here is what future American Idols want to know, How can I be on the American Idol Experience? Well, there is no guarantee but here are the steps involved.

American Idol Experience and Guidelines:
1. You must be at least 14 years old or older.
2. You’ll have to sing a cappella in front of a casting director.
3. If you pass that test then you can select on of 113 songs to sing.
4. Then a final producer will select who sings for the audience.

Right now they plan to run 7 preliminary shows during the day with three singers each. So 21 singers will be able to strut their stuff each day.
Note: If you can't sing this Idol Audition is not for you, they plan to showcase talent and are not targeting humor. (Keep in mind this is a Disney Park)

The winners of each of the preliminary shows will advance to the daily finale. The finale winner earns a Dream Ticket to audition for American Idol without having to wait in the massive lines for next year's American Idol competition.

Please note Disney could change how this is run at any time, but overall it is exciting that you could be on vacation in Florida and maybe next year on on American Idol!

This sounds like an exciting event and if you have the voice then the American Idol Experience many turn out to be your ticket to stardom!

We can't wait for February 14th.

Best Orlando Vacation Guy

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