Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney's Kim Possible Adventure Opens at Epcot

Epcot a favorite among adults may soon become the favorite Orlando theme park among the tweeners as Kim Possible is now there.

Kim Possible's Interactive Adventure has guest going through the world showcase to find clues and fight bad guys. I'll admit the more I read the more I want to go to Epcot and take the challenge.

Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure turns you into secret agents using your high tech Kimmunicators that you carry with you.

As you travel around the World Showcase you receive messages and are challenged to solve 1 of 7 mysteries. Basically you can do one or you can do them all while enjoying Epcot.

If you do complete all the Kim Possible tasks, you will get to experience a secret finale event. But keep it a secret so the rest of us can enjoy the fun of Disney's Newest Adventure.

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