Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Downtown Disney's Characters in Flight is Taking Shape

It has been just over 4 and a half months since Pleasure Island clubs closed it's doors in Downtown Disney and except for the opening of the T-Rex cafe and the Hanes T-Shirt shop which are outside the Pleasure Island area nothing has been going on.

Until now as Downtown Disney's Characters in Flight Balloon ride is starting to take shape. Right now it is just a few wood beams, but the sign notes Coming Spring 2009.

This up up and away ride should prove to be a fun family ride and be popular at sunset and just when the fire works shows launch. However, the location of the ride is a surprise since most thought it would be located off of Pleasure Island rather than on Disney's West Side.

The look of the ride has a 1940's feel and kind of clashes with the modern and funky West Side decor. However, we are sure it will mesh into the Disney landscape with ease.

This is the only project started since the Pleasure Island clubs were closed on September 27th and while we were expecting some news on the direction on what we believe could be Downtown Disney Central, no news about it's future has been stated.

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